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Advantage Design Group

Video OnDemand for your Advantage Orientation®

From our Production Studio to your Students

As you've been re-thinking your orientation programming, we've expanded our in-studio and remote video production capabilities to give you more options. Now you can choose from a suite of curated videos you can plug and play!

Preview these examples, then contact your representative for details.

New Video OnDemand features

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Things have changed because of COVID-19 and students have questions about what to expect. So, whether your students are coming to campus, taking courses only online or a combination or both, you can let them know their health and safety are priorities and what to expect. Choose from two on-camera talents and script options to fit three campus re-opening scenarios. These videos are available now, as is, or may be upgraded with a photo or video background of your campus.

Coming to Campus

Attending On Campus & Online

Taking Courses Only Online

Ana offers a soft and empathetic tone.   Avery delivers the message with authenticity.

Video Options You can Customize

Our remote video production capabilities give you more options! Choose your topic then select from over a dozen professional spokespersons who can perform as your student host. We'll add a dash of video production magic so they appear as if they're on your campus. Of course, we'll include your logo and colors to match the look and feel of your online orientation.

Preview these examples, then contact your representative for details.

Introduction to Title IX - updated for new requirements

Are you unable to introduce students to Title IX because you're no longer having an in-person orientation or Welcome Week? Serve them this turn-key module that can be added to your Advantage Orientation®.

Content includes

  • 4 Video Slides
  • 4 Content Slides
  • A 5-Question Interactive Game to reinforce key points
  • Dedicated, Real-Time Reporting

Introduction to Title IX

  One of four videos included in the Title IX Module.  

Walking Tour

Show new students and their families more than a series of campus scenes, take them on a video walking tour, give them the backstory and make it personal. Scripts are carefully crafted to feature the history, traditions and culture of your school while showing what makes your campus special.

Studio Production with Professional Talent

Watch the Finished Video

Vanessa's approach is fresh and vibrant. This video concept can be produced in-studio when you provide b-roll and photos.


Use instructional videos to provide quick, how-to information like using student accounts, email, scheduling, advising platforms or understanding the registration process.


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