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Welcome New Families to School with Virtual Onboarding Platform

As more parents are searching for quality, private education for their students, you want to capture their attention, answer their questions, and demonstrate what makes your school the best choice. Can your website do all that? Now you can attract and engage more prospective families with an exciting and informative virtual experience at any time, on any device, before they visit your school.

  • Increase Applications for Greater Selectivity
  • Reach New Families Moving to Your Area
  • Complement Marketing Strategy
  • Expand Capacity for Small Teams
  • Proactively Answer Questions
  • Show Your Story with a Video-Rich and Interactive Experience
  • Stay Prepared with a Proven Software Solution

Advantage Design Group's software solutions and content creation services are trusted by over 320 collegiate institutions. Today, this innovative technology is available to K-12 independent schools.

Explore this Virtual Onboarding Platform that is

  • Adaptable to your Organization
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Expandable
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Christ's Church Academy

Christ's Church Academy is a private, K-12 Christian school in Jacksonville, FL. They chose to add a custom interface design and video production services to their project. Click to preview this unique welcome and onboarding experience.

Preview this Platform
Christ's Church Academy


Discover just some of the benefits you can expect from Advantage Design Group's onboarding software.

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Present an On-Brand Experience

Your Advantage Orientation® is branded with your school’s logo, colors, and fonts. Simply supply your project manager with your school’s branding guide and your ADG production team will take care of the rest!

Access on Any Device, No App Required

With Advantage Orientation®, you won’t need to download fancy software and go through third-party apps just to get your message out there. Our onboarding software makes the process seamless and responsive design insures accessibility.

Personalize for Different Student Types

Advantage Orientation® allows you to provide self-directed content tracks. This functionality is ideal for providing relevant content to different student types, such as lower, middle, and upper school students. 

Easily Update Your Content

Content is easily updated, on-demand, in a matter of minutes through a management system that we will personally teach you how to use. Make changes wherever you want, with no IT or instructional designer experience required.

Receive Unlimited Training & Support

Each platform comes with ongoing training and support. If you ever need help, have questions about your system, or need to train new staff, reach out to your Client Success team at any time. Platforms includes administrative access to training session recordings, FAQs, and complete system documentation.


Advantage Design Group's onboarding platform includes exclusive features that exceed parents' expectations and makes your job easier and more productive.

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Dynamic Style Options

Present your content in a variety of ways to enhance the experience. Style options include image galleries, multiple videos, video size options, and interactive design elements. Content editors (even those with no prior IT experience) can easily edit. By using our vast selection of layout options, you can customize each slide with your own images, add as much content as you need, and more! 


Advantage Design Group's software adheres to ADA Compliance Standards using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA. This means that your platform is responsive and accessible to those with disabilities, on any device. Videos are closed caption and play seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Discovery Tools

Accentuate your content and provide additional navigational options with Discovery Tools, including Intelligent Search, Popularity-Based FAQs, Glossary Terms, and a design-elevated Achievement Center.

Real-Time Analytics

As each interaction with the platform creates a digital footprint, data is generated. You can access this data in real-time with a click or two. Who has started your program and who has completed it? What information is most popular? You can generate date-stamped reports with useable, meaningful, and actionable information in minutes.

Personalized Items of Interest

Your school has a lot to offer. Personalized items of interest invite the individual selection of topics to learn more at each touchpoint. Upon completion, selections are presented on a customized resource page! You can also see which items of interest are selected most and use this information to personalize future messages and improve content over time. 

Interactive Content

Making content interactive invites engagement and makes participation more fun! Interactive content includes video quizzes, text quizzes, games, items of interest, and more!


Gamification adds more fun to the learning experience. Plus, it provides an exciting and surprising change of pace within the flow of your content. After all, why click through blocks of text when you can have fun and learn at the same time?

Secure Hosting

You can rest assured that all data is securely hosted and protected by firewalls, vulnerability scanning, patch management, logging, and monitoring.

Success Story

Jason and Jeanie share their stories about the value of working with Advantage Design Group to meet parents and families where they are during their school selection journey. 


Christ's Church Academy

K-12 Private School Enrollment Trends are looking up with Online Orientation Platform

Christ's Church Academy is able to engage with more families, wherever they might be. This comprehensive platform is an incredible marketing tool and digital resource for prospective and current families.

Since launching the portal, we’ve actually seen the greatest uptick in enrollment that we’ve ever had in the history of our school.

Jason Collum and Jeanie Collins

Head of School and Marketing Director

Christ's Church Academy


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