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Advantage Design Group

2016 FYE Conference

Online Orientation Panel Discussion

2016 FYE Conference

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Why did your school decide to get an online orientation and where does it fall in the enrollment process?

How did you decide whether to do this in-house or get an outside company?

How did you decide who to hire?

How has your in-person orientation changed now that you have students going through an online orientation?

How does the online orientation program help with reporting on data and metrics towards accomplishing program goals and objectives?

What have been the benefits of implementing online orientation?

How has the online orientation specifically helped your melt rate?

Do you have any final advice for your peers who may be considering an online orientation?

Can you track how long someone is on a particular slide in the online orientation?

Do parents get a separate log-in for accessing the online orientation?

Is it possible to make certain steps in the orientation mandatory?

Can the orientation work as an engagement model, or as a hybrid between engagement piece and full orientation?

What kind of on-screen talent are used in the orientation videos?