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Advantage Design Group

Online Orientation Technology: Diverse Models of Success

With Louisiana State, Bentley & Utah State universities

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Panelist Introductions

How many new students come to your school each year?

How were you conducting orientation before launching your Advantage Orientation®?

Now that you have the Advantage Orientation®, how has that changed your in-person approach?

What was your motivation for implementing an online orientation?

Why didn’t you build your online orientation yourself?

How did you decide who to hire to build your online orientation?

When do students go through your online orientation and how do they know to do it?

Is your online orientation mandatory and how do you know if they’ve completed it?

How has your Advantage Orientation® benefited your schools?

What would you say to someone who’s deciding whether or not to get an online orientation? Was it worth the time, effort and money?

Audience Question 1: How do you know people are learning and do you have data connected to retention?

Audience Question 2: Do you use your online orientation to engage with non-matriculating students?

Audience Question 3: How are you making your online orientation more engaging and more interactive?

Audience Question 4: How mobile-friendly is your online orientation since some students don’t have access to technology?

Audience Question 5: Can you explain more about the logistics involved to make your online orientation?

Audience Question 6: Do any of your schools use SAP and about how long does it take your students to complete your online orientation?

Audience Question 7: How did you coordinate with different campus stakeholders early on in the project?