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Advantage Design Group
December 04, 2015

Online Orientation Webinar Re-Cap

Online Orientation Webinar Re-Cap

Advantage Design Group recently co-hosted webinars discussing student online orientations. Howard University and Michigan State University each partnered with Advantage Design Group in webinars covering unique needs and requirements for their online student orientations and demonstrating how the final products from Advantage Design Group met their needs.

Howard University discussed how online orientation helped engage their students upon acceptance into their institution, provided resources and answered questions before they arrived on campus. They wanted to purchase online orientation software that would meet the students where they are, could be easily accessible on computers, tablets and cell phones, could be updated easily, and could track students throughout the orientation process. It was also important that the orientation is visually appealing and have a kind of “red carpet” experience.

"Online orientation is one of the key things that has to be done right. (Before Advantage Design Group,) we had a company that did our online orientation for us, but they had a product that we felt didn't meet our needs. It was flat, and a lot of it had to be built on our end. They built a template and we built everything else. And we didn't have that kind of time," said Charles Prince, Director of Student Success and Transition at Howard University. He also explained that not all of their students were able to get access to their online orientation because it wasn't compatible with tablets and cell phones.

Michigan State University described their need for new student orientation to cover topics of importance to international students, such as immigration, laws and safety, health insurance and health care, residence education and housing services, and the next steps. Students view visually appealing and engaging videos on each topic, with optional captions available in English or Chinese. Before students can advance to the next topic, they are required to take a quiz on the topic previously covered, ensuring students know and understand the important material presented.

Preview the webinar and request access to the recording with Howard University.