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Advantage Design Group

Online Student Orientations

Online Orientation: Clearing the Path to Registration & Beyond

Presented at the 2017 Moving the Needle Conference

with Eastern Florida State College

Watch the full-length video or select from the questions below to hear the answer.

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What was orientation like before launching your Advantage Orientation®?

How did you select Advantage Design Group?

What happened next?

When and how do students complete your online orientation?

Is your online orientation mandatory?

Administrator Reporting

When you send students the link to log into this, do they have to log in with their credentials?


Measuring Results

How does your Advantage Orientation® compare to what you had before?

How has your online orientation improved registration?

It’s surprising to see you have advisement and admissions under one umbrella.

Has having only an online orientation hurt your school in any way?

Has the orientation system ever gone down and students can’t access it?


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