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Advantage Design Group

Online Student Orientations

Orientation Tech to WHOA, WOW & WOO First-Year Students

with Houston Community College & Texas A&M University, San Antonio

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Online Orientation Previews

Please describe your orientation program prior to implementing the Advantage Orientation®.

How did you decide to produce your orientation inhouse or to hire outside help?

How does a customized orientation experience fit into the strategic plan or vision for each of your schools?

Now that you have an online orientation, when and how do your students experience it?

Do you believe your online orientation may help you reach matriculation or yield goals?

Do you have enrollment goals for specific student groups and, if so, how do you plan to use your online orientation to provide content for each of these groups?

How important is it to easily run reports and to make content updates?

What advice can you give to those looking for buy-in from their campus leadership and how should it be presented?

How is your online orientation different from the face-to-face program?

How are you measuring success?

Of the 9K new students at HCC each Fall, how many attend face-to-face orientation and what's been the impact of the online orientation?

Is your orientation available on a mobile app?

Have you taken your online orientation and tied it into your first-year seminar?

As a community college with rolling enrollment, how often do you have face-to-face orientations?

What is the average time it takes a student to complete the online orientation?

How long did it take to develop your online orientation – from planning to launch?

How did you budget for your online orientation?

What final advice can you offer someone who’s looking to transform their orientation program?


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