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Advantage Design Group

Higher Ed Speaks!

"It's absolutely the best thing I've done as an Orientation Coordinator so far!"

We're privileged to work with Higher Education Leaders across the country. How has their online orientation improved the transition experience for students and staff? What's it like to work with us? Representatives from The University of Tampa, Colorado State University, Howard University, Sonoma State University, and Florida International University share their Advantage Orientation® experience.

The University of Tampa

Tampa, FL

"Having an online orientation in the age of COVID-19" was the best thing we could've done."

Built before the age of social distancing, The University of Tampa launched its online orientation a year ago, making it the university’s first Student Affairs hybrid program. As welcome events were being reconfigured to meet CDC guidelines, the new student experience progressed without interruption and students arrived on campus with all their questions answered.

Shannon Calega, M.Ed.

Director of Orientation & Family Engagement

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA

"My experience with Advantage Design Group was top notch. We gave them a very aggressive timeline and I believe the system we designed was very complex. I'm more than happy with the final product. They exceeded my expectations and I believe that of the University as well."

Heather Herman

Executive Director, Communications

Sonoma State University

Roanoke Park, CA

They have other clients but you wouldn’t know it because they make you feel so special. Absolutely the best thing I have done as an orientation coordinator so far.

After researching several companies, Sonoma State University chose Advantage Design Group and was thrilled with their decision. They didn’t know what to expect when developing a new student online orientation and Advantage Design Group was informative, organized and ensured the entire process, from technical issues to videography, went smoothly. They brought a comfort level to the team that was unsurpassed.

Colleen Mahoney

Orientations and New Student Programs Coordinator

Howard University

Washington, DC

The team has always been attentive to our details, our traditions and our history. It has been a very rewarding experience.

Howard University was in the process of revamping their new student orientation overall. They needed to bring a new fresh perspective that was modern and met students where they are technologically – where they have been trained to be. Charles Prince, Director of Student Success and Transition, talks about the importance of finding the right external partners and how Advantage Design Group helped them to provide the modernization they needed as well as keeping their school history in-sync with their message.

Charles Prince

Director, Office of Student Success and Transition

Florida International University

Miami, FL

"The look and feel of our orientation was very important to us and we were really impressed by Advantage Design Group."

Florida International University had to accommodate their growing population of 54,000 students, including 8,000 transfer students each year. As the 4th largest university in the country, they needed to serve transfer students more efficiently since there was not enough time, staff or advisors to serve them all. So building an online orientation became a valuable resource for them, and Advantage Design Group went above and beyond as their conduit to the technology, logistics, and custom branded design of the program.

Korrin Anderson

Associate Director, Orientation and Parent Programs

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

"Advantage Design Group listened to our needs ... they have made our vision a reality."

Colorado State University was accomplishing online orientation as a course taken through Blackboard. It lacked the engaging aspects they wanted and the ability to provide assessment data, so they sought out Advantage Design Group to help. They found Advantage Design Group through NODA and was drawn in by their designs and organization. They appreciated Advantage Design Group’s listening to their needs, data access, and recommending specific techniques on how to interact with students. As far as competitors go …CSU says it wasn’t a hard decision to choose Advantage Design Group!

Amber Hoefer

Orientation Coordinator

Greenville Technical College

Greenville, SC

They have appreciated the differences in our college community and have showcased that.

Greenville Technical College needed an online orientation that students could access easily and be able to return to throughout their college careers. They were attracted to Advantage Design Group’s interactive, vibrant and modern designs. They also appreciated Advantage Design Group’s organization and experience building online orientations that are appealing to students. ADG and GTC worked well together on every level!

Elizabeth Mann

Assistant Dean - Public Service, Arts & Sciences Division

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

North Dartmouth, MA

To find that level of enthusiasm and commitment from an outside company is not always easy to find!

The product is such high quality and so unique - it gets better the more you learn about it.

Shelly Metivier Scott

Associate Dean of Students