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Quick & Easy Orientation Videos

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All that text in your online orientation can be a barrier to completion and just a bit boring. Wish you could show it in video? Video is proving to be the most effective way to make messages more exciting and information stickier.

Imagine having continuous access to a growing portfolio of high-quality orientation videos you can easily add to any online orientation in an instant!

Advantage OnDemand™ is a re-imagined subscription service to a growing portfolio of high-quality orientation video content. Address today's most relevant information, provide timeless advice, and explain complicated topics. When you subscribe, you have access to the entire collection.

Orientation Video Topics include

  • Academics
  • Finances
  • Financial Aid
  • Health & Safety
  • Policies
  • Student Success
  • Support Services
  • Technology
  • Title IX

To get started, ask your representative to show you Advantage OnDemand.