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Online Student Orientations

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With Advantage Orientation...

you can meet them where they are - whenever and where ever they are!

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Imagine your New Students...

engaged in on-brand, fun, interactive and video-rich orientation content. Students are more confident, ready to succeed before they come to campus.

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Wow 'em with Video

Turn online orientation into an immersive experience with high-impact and purposeful video.

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Orientation Tech Events

Learn how your peers are transforming enrollment into an onboarding experience.

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You're empowered to Grow & Adapt

Welcome any number of students or student populations to any admissions model for any enrollment strategy.

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Learn from your peers through the whitepaper, recorded conference sessions, webinars and case studies.

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We're privileged to work with professionals in Higher Education across the country. See what they like about working with us.


Transform Enrollment into an Onboarding Experience with

Advantage Orientation® by Advantage Design Group®

Empower new students with a better start through this online orientation solution. 

Advantage Orientation® is an interactive and media-rich platform strategically designed to support successful transitions. Students are guided through linear and modular content, introducing them to what it takes to be successful before they get to campus. Students are attracted to an intuitive interface and engage in personalized and relevant content. Interactive elements and videos makes engagement easy and fun. Responsive design delivers essential orientation information to more students because what they need to know is accessible on any device.

With as much creative direction, content development, media production and technical services as you need, your customized online orientation is on-brand and completely unique to your school. And, with limitless capacity and training, you’re in control to adapt to changes and grow your program for any student population. Every orientation software package includes a suite of powerful content management, analytics and reporting tools, all within one, robust, cloud-based application. 

Online Orientation Success Stories

Successful transitions begin with Advantage Orientation®

Howard University

"The team has always been attentive to our details, our traditions and our history. It has been a very rewarding experience."

Greenville Technical College

"They have appreciated the differences in our college community and have showcased that."

Louisiana State University

"My experience with Advantage Design Group was top notch. We gave them a very aggressive timeline and I believe the system we designed was very complex. I'm more than happy with the final product. They exceeded my expectations and I believe that of the University as well."

Sonoma State University

"They have other clients but you wouldn’t know it because they make you feel so special. Absolutely the best thing I have done as an orientation coordinator so far."

Colorado State University

"Advantage Design Group listened to our needs ... they have made our vision a reality."

Florida International University

"The look and feel of our orientation was very important to us and we were really impressed by Advantage Design Group."

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"To find that level of enthusiasm and commitment from an outside company is not always easy to find!"

George Mason University

"We needed to accommodate a growing number of topics, as well as several user-specific tracks. The technology allowed for trackable logins and it served up unique content by the school and student type."

Utah Valley University

"In a world where companies and individuals promise much, but deliver little, Advantage Design Group truly stands out! ADG met all of my expectations regarding design quality, brand customization, usability, and timeframe for completion. On top of that, they are friendly, professional, responsive and just plain nice to work with. Their product is also very affordable, especially when you consider the high level of quality and service that they provide compared to their competitors."

Northern Virginia Community College

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for working with us during the video shoot for our online orientation. You guys were nothing short of outstanding! Your professionalism, thoughtfulness and flexibility were all very much appreciated! You have received numerous compliments from our students and staff about how great it was to work with you! You have a knack for making folks feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera!"

Temple University

"Thank you for coming to our campus. (Your videographers) were great – very knowledgeable and professional...and patient with our students!"

Wake Tech Community College

"Your video team is was clear that they were here to give us the best video possible and the commitment to quality was evident."

Iowa Central Community College

"...we can reach more students without sacrificing a personal approach."

College of DuPage

"We would just like to thank the ADG team assigned to our project. Again, they've been helpful and respectful at every turn. It's been a pleasure to work with an organization that delivers on their promises and exceeds expectations."

Gaston College

"I wanted to let you know that the video shoot went very well. I must say that I was stressed and nervous about this whole project but Matthew’s expertise and professionalism gave me a tremendous amount of relief. He made all of the participants feel at ease. Everyone that assisted with the shoots really enjoyed working with him and Michael. I even jokingly told him that I was coming to work with ADG to be his assistant because of his demeanor and way of making everyone feel comfortable."

Finger Lakes Community College

"I would like to take a moment to say how amazing your video team was while they were on campus for the past three days. With rotating of our President’s schedule, to switching locations because of on-campus summer construction, to sprinklers that were causing some weird background noise, we could not have asked for a better team to represent Advantage Design. They were creative, professional, patient, kind and encouraging towards our talent who may have been more on the camera shy side (myself)"

Online Orientation Presentation

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Students Gain a Personalized, Anytime Digital Resource

Your Experience

You Gain a Suite of Powerful Tools in One Robust, Cloud-Based Application


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