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Virtual Orientation Platforms for the Ultimate Onboarding Experience

With Advantage Orientation® virtual orientation platforms, you can provide any audience with the ultimate onboarding experience in one easy, intuitive, and data-driven system you control. This versatile solution is proven to improve engagement, build confidence, and reinforce enrollment decisions.

Why Advantage Orientation®

  • Design Excellence. Present on-brand, personalized, interactive, and video-rich content to welcome, inspire, inform and prepare new students, families and staff.
  • Tailored Solutions. Choose from a range of design, video production, content creation, and technical services to fit any budget and any timeline.
  • Trusted. Join organizations and institutions everywhere supporting more successful college transitions than ever before.

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Try these Virtual Orientation Experiences

Ohio University

Ohio University is a public research university in Athens, Ohio, comprised of nine campuses, nine undergraduate colleges, a Graduate College, College of Medicine, and Public Affairs School. Programs include more than 250 areas of undergraduate study, as well as certificates, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Ohio University

Denison University

Denison University is a private liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio. One of the earliest colleges established in the former Northwest Territory, Denison University was founded in 1831.

Denison University

What's In It for You

With Advantage Orientation®, launching and managing your virtual orientation is easy. You gain a comprehensive system to increase efficiency, scale processes, expand your capacity, and make data-driven decisions.

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Access on Any Device, No App Required

Your Advantage Orientation® is completely responsive and hosted in the cloud, so there is no software download or third-party app needed to make your experience totally accessible on any device. Plus, the system automatically syncs across devices. Start the program on your phone, then pick up right where you left off on your laptop. The path toward completion is easy and convenient.

Expert Production Services

If you don't have the time or resources to produce the kind of virtual orientation you envision, rely on our team of expert UX designers, video producers, content creators, and developers to produce a tailored solution. Our proven production process is led by your dedicated project manager who collaborates with you to keep your project on task and on target.

On-Brand Design

Align your Advantage Orientation® with your institutional brand. Custom design services include three unique interface design concepts from which to choose.

Serve Diverse Audiences

Do you want to appeal to different orientation audiences? Start by leveraging the Self-Directed Content feature included with every Advantage Orientation®. Allow audience segments to choose tracks of information most relevant to them to personalize the experience. Additionally, you don't have to let language be a barrier to participation in your virtual orientation. Ask about our language translation services.

Easy Content Management

Anticipating policy or process changes? Not a problem! Advantage Orientation is easy to update. Using the platform's built-in content management system, you can update your content at any time in a matter of minutes. No special coding skills or IT assistance is needed. 

Analyze Real-Time Data

Each interaction with your platform creates a digital footprint that can be viewed in real-time! Analyze and retrieve meaningful data from aggregate to individual views. These reports allow you to monitor progress, identify most popular content, measure completion rates, and much more.

Receive Unlimited Training & Support

Your Advantage Orientation® comes with limitless training and support. Start with two training sessions for your and your assigned administrators to master the basics. Then, if you ever need help or need to train new staff, reach out to the Client Success team at any time. Your system includes training session recordings, FAQs, and complete system documentation.

Plan to Expand

Because of Advantage Orientation's modular framework, you can always add more content and more features at any time. We are here to help you adapt to evolving audience needs and organizational changes.

Purposeful Features

Advantage Orientation® includes purposeful features to increase accessibility, promote convenience, invite interaction, extend engagement, and improve retention. You can expect higher completion rates, even when your online orientation is optional!

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ADA Compliant

Orientation software adheres to ADA Compliance Standards using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA. This means that your orientation platform is responsive and accessible to those with disabilities. Videos are closed-captioned so those with hearing impairments can complete your orientation with ease.

Dynamic Style Options

Dynamic style options allow content to be presented in a variety of ways to create a more engaging content flow. Options include image galleries, multiple videos, video size options, and interactive design elements that all work together, interchangeably.

Gamified Learning

Advantage Orientation® isn’t just an informational orientation. Your audience will be continuously engaged with what they’re learning through fully gamified content! Play matching or word search games. Earn a score with our exclusive "This or That" game.

Discovery Tools

Discovery tools enhance the experience and supplement navigation. Intelligent Search, Popularity-Based FAQs, Glossary Terms, Checklist, and a design-elevated Achievement Center allow for quick access to individual interests and information needed at the moment. Curious minds needs to know!

Personalized Items of Interest

With personalized items of interest, specific topics can be selected to explore later. Each topic selected is stored and presented when orientation is completed! This feature supports engagement strategy by reducing distractions and speeds completion. Plus, through the system's reporting panel, you can see which items of interest are selected most often.

Interactive Content

Your orientation platform features interactive content that attracts attention, invites engagement, and promotes learning. From video quizzes to text quizzes, games, items of interest, and more, interacting with the content makes the experience more fun and exciting.

Navigation Delay Timers

Now you can balance time to complete with time to retain! Navigation delay timers allow you to choose the amount of time spent on each slide. Assigned to any slide type, set the delay timer for the length of a video or on slides that present the most critical information. You'll never have to wonder which topics have been experienced, you'll know.

Secure Data Hosting

You can rest assured that all data is securely hosted. Data is protected by firewalls, vulnerability scanning, patch management, logging, and monitoring.

Trusted by Higher Education

Here are just a few reasons why organizations and institutions everywhere have adopted Advantage Orientation® as their preferred virtual orientation platform. 



Orientation, Transition, Retention & Enrollment Leaders


Community Colleges

Orientation, Transition, Retention & Enrollment Leaders

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