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Elevate Graduate Student Onboarding Experiences with Virtual Orientation

Elevate your graduate student onboarding experience with Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students. 

  • Provide consistent messaging from a centralized source
  • Free program directors to focus on details specific to their departments
  • Offer a professional, convenient, and interactive virtual orientation graduate students expect
  • Easily master a comprehensive and cost-effective system you control.

This turn-key and branded platform arrives full of content, ready for you to customize. You’ll be ready to welcome and prepare graduate students within weeks.

The Graduate Student Onboarding Experience

A graduate student, even one who may be returning after time away from college, arrives focused on their future. Content included in this platform addresses essential academic and financial information, as well as access to digital resources applicable to every graduate student. Videos appeal to adult, non-traditional age students. Customization allows you to deliver more relevant content for any student type, program, or service, including

  • Program of Study or College
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree
  • Professional Studies
  • Certificate Program

With unlimited training and access to real-time analytic tools, Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students will elevate the onboarding experience for you and your students.

Discover all the benefits and features waiting for you inside this virtual orientation solution, then contact us for a live tour.

The Advantage Orientation Graduate Student Experience

Georgia Southern University College of Graduate Studies

Today, graduate students at Georgia Southern University enjoy a virtual orientation that is accessible, relevant, and reflects the adult, more mature learner with a modern and contemporary feel.

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Georgia Southern University College of Graduate Studies

George Mason University Graduate School

George Mason University presents a strong brand identity and personalizes the experience for International Students as well as those seeking Master's and Doctoral degrees.

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George Mason University Graduate School

Advantage Orientation Benefits

Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students offers benefits you'll find no place else. Click to learn more about each benefit below!

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Fast Delivery

Time is on your side with Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students. Your project is rapidly created and published all in a matter of weeks. Plus, get pre-populated screen copy, photos and videos close captioned in English and Spanish.

Present an On-Brand Experience

Your Advantage Orientation® for Graduates Students is branded with your school’s logo, colors, and fonts. Simply supply your project manager with your school’s branding guide and your ADG production team will take care of the rest!

Access on Any Device, No App Required

With Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students, you won’t need to download fancy software and third-party apps just to get your message out there. Our online orientation software makes the process seamless. Responsive design makes the experience completely accessible on any device.

Personalized & Relevant

Students expect to be treated like an individual and want information relevant to them. Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students allows you to customize the experience through student directed content.

Easy to Customize

Thinking about a future rebranding or anticipating policy changes? No worries! Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students is easy to customize. You can update your orientation at any time in a matter of minutes through software that we will personally teach you how to use. Make changes wherever you want to, with no IT or instructional designer experience needed.

Meet Your Team of Experts

Feeling like you don’t have a big enough staff or budget to produce a virtual orientation yourself? That’s okay. You have a team of professional project management, technical, creative, and support staff ready to help. Lean on our experience to produce a virtual orientation that exceeds your expectations and provide unlimited training to help you stay empowered and in control.

Receive Unlimited Training & Support

Your Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students comes with unlimited training and support. If you ever need help, have questions about your system, or need to train new staff, reach out to your Client Success team at any time. Your system includes training session recordings, FAQs, and complete system documentation.

Leave Room for Growth

Not sure where you’ll be in a year or so? No worries! Change is inevitable, which is why there is always room for growth with Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students. You can add features and functionality any time, including integration to automate processes. Does your institution use student information systems like Slate, Banner, Colleague, or Jenzabar? Your virtual orientation can easily adapt with you as your organization changes.

Invest in Your Future

Not only will Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students deliver you an orientation that can increase your student retention rates, engage students, and serve you beyond what you thought possible, it’s also budget-friendly and cost-effective. That's right! In fact, even with its complementary features and benefits, this virtual orientation solution is one of the most budget-friendly systems available.

System Features

Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students is created with Advantage Design Group-exclusive features that not only cater to the individual experience but also make your job easier. Select the features to learn about each one.

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Dynamic Style Options

Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students offers multiple dynamic style options to choose from. Style options include image galleries, multiple videos, video size options, and interactive design elements available for content editors (even those with no prior IT experience) to easily implement. Multiple slide layout options help to avoid redundancy and increases engagement.


Using our vast variety of slide layout options for content, you can customize each of your orientation slides to fit your students' needs. You can add your very own images of your students, add content to fit your students’ needs as you go, and more!

100% Accessible

Advantage Orientation® for International Students adheres to ADA Compliance Standards using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA. This means that your orientation platform is responsive and accessible to those with disabilities. Videos are closed-captioned so those with hearing impairments can complete your orientation with ease.

Discovery Tools

With Advantage Design Group’s Intelligent Search Tools, Popularity-Based FAQs, Glossary Terms, and design-elevated Achievement Center, your students will have a quick, all-in-one place where they can learn more information about whatever they’re interested in.

Real-Time Analytics

With Data Reporting, you can track your students’ success in real time. See a complex breakdown of retention rates through student progress listing, student success on content quizzes, and survey analyses. With these analytics, you can view graphs that break down which students have completed select sections— even down to their names. All reporting is date-stamped, exportable, and reportable.

Personalized Items of Interest

With personalized items of interest, students can select which topics they’d like to learn more about. Once they’ve completed their online orientation, they’ll have compiled a page of fully personalized content waiting for them at the end! Plus, with secure data reporting, see which items of interest are selected most by your students then use this information to reach them in the best way you can by adding more about those topics!

Interactive Content

Your orientation will feature interactive content that allows each student to engage with what they’re learning. Interactive content includes video quizzes or text quizzes, games, items of interest, and more.

Navigation Delay Timers

Ever wonder what happens if your students aren’t really completing their orientation? After all, as they click through, each section will be reported as “complete.” Luckily, Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students features a navigation delay timer that stops students from clicking through sections before they’ve fully read and digested the content.

Secure Data Hosting

You can rest assured that all data is securely hosted. Your technical data will be protected by firewalls, vulnerability scanning, patch management, logging, and monitoring.

Graduate Student Orientation Success Stories

Learn from your peers how Advantage Orientation® for Graduate Students is an efficient, feature-rich, and cost-effective online orientation solution. 

Onboarding Graduate Students

Georgia Southern University


Transforming Graduate Student Orientation

Brigham Young University Graduate Studies


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