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Canada College launches Personalized Onboarding with Online Student Orientation

Online Onboarding for Shapers, Makers & Originals

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Canada college launches personalized onboarding with online student orientation software by Advantage Design Group®. As Canada’s first polytechnic institution, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) serves a tech-savvy and diverse student population. Their Student Engagement leaders wanted to infuse the onboarding experience with a digital introduction, reflective of the institution’s brand and mission. So, they chose Advantage Orientation® to customize and personalize a comprehensive online orientation program. SAIT's online orientation is cloud-based and accessible on any device. The student experience is:  

  • Interactive 
  • Video-rich 
  • Presented in a modern, on-Brand, and intuitive interface 

This webinar recording recounts the real-life experience launching Advantage Orientation® 

Watch this recording to learn from the real-life experiences of Mark Wall, Manager, Student Engagement and Retention, and Jerry Rollick, Onboarding Coordinator, who lead SAIT’s Student Engagement, Learner Services. This session includes: 

  • An open discussion 
  • Platform demonstration 
  • Answers to chat questions