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Transforming Graduate Student Orientation with an Online Orientation Platform

Welcome & Prepare Graduate Students with a Convenient, Relevant & Professional Onboarding Experience

Transforming Graduate Student Orientation

Brigham Young University Graduate Studies

You're in the right place to learn from Graduate Studies Leaders at Brigham Young University who are transforming graduate student orientation with this versatile and comprehensive online orientation platform.

How can you adapt to the evolving and diverse needs of today's graduate students? From undergrads seeking to continue their educational journey to working professionals who want to add value to their careers, their busy lives often keep them from attending orientation events in person. Now, you can provide the most relevant and more personalized information graduate students need to enroll with confidence while expanding your capabilities to reach more students and serve them as they reach important milestones throughout their academic journey.

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Your presenters are James Crane, Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, and MariLee Allred, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies at Brigham Young University. In addition to their professional experience on campus, James brings a breadth of expertise to the program as Past President at NAGAP, The Association for Graduate Enrollment Management.

This is a great opportunity to reach across the institution, break the silos, have conversations about resources and stewardship, and what a wonderful platform this is for all students and how you can share costs. And, in my opinion, this virtual orientation can be revisited as often as a student wants or needs. It's supporting students through their entire academic journey. You can't put a price on that.

Discover how Advantage Orientation® can help you transform the onboarding experience for you and your students. Provide students with a convenient, digital experience they expect in a comprehensive and cost-effective system you control. This webinar includes

  • Discussion: Goals, shared costs, development, implementation, outcomes
  • Tour: Preview this online orientation just like a Grad student
  • Answers: Listen in on a lively Q&A session
  • Discover a virtual onboarding solution you can easily adapt to your graduate programs