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Community College Orientation powered by Online Orientation Software

Advantage Orientation for Student Success from Day ONE

Middlesex Community College

Steve Rossi, Director of Student Engagement, led the effort to provide community college orientation powered by online orientation software at Middlesex Community College. On-campus orientation events were filled with a variety of information sessions until student feedback made it clear it was too much for them to take in in one day.

“Our previous, day-long orientation program wasn’t loved by our students. One of the comments was that it was a fire hose of information.”

New students find access to their online orientation on the school’s website. It is available to them on any device, any time. Most start orientation when they receive their acceptance letter, giving them plenty of time to complete it before they attend in-person registration sessions.

Today, in-person orientation touches on more complex or nuanced topics that need a personal touch, creating a much more welcoming environment.

Watch this recording to learn from Steve’s real-life experience developing an online orientation with Advantage Design Group then request a live tour.