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Panel Discusses Outcomes for Graduate Students with Virtual Orientation

Virtual Orientation Makes a Positive Impact on Melt Rates

Elevate Graduate Student Onboarding Experiences with Virtual Orientation

George Mason University and the University of North Georgia

Panel Discusses Outcomes for Graduate Students with Virtual Orientation

Depending on their program of study, most graduate students begin their educational journey differently, with information from many sources. Does this sound familiar? More graduate school leaders are choosing a virtual orientation system to provide consistent, foundational messages from a central digital source in a more convenient and engaging way.

Virtual Orientation Results

  • Year-to-year comparison shows measurable drop in melt rate.
  • Students applaud the convenience and rate their readiness to attend as high.
  • Onboarding is streamlined, freeing program directors to focus on the details specific to their departments.

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  • Learn from these graduate school leaders:
    • Laurence Bray, Ph.D., Sr. Assoc. Provost for Graduate Education, Assoc. Professor in Bioengineering, President, VA Council for Graduate Schools, George Mason University
    • Troy Terry, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Studies, Assoc. Professor of Education, University of North Georgia
  • Explore the strategies and decisions behind the development of each virtual orientation.
  • Preview two Graduate Student virtual orientation platforms like a student
  • Discover a versatile and expandable virtual orientation system applicable to any onboarding or engagement strategies. Their stories are models you can follow!