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Adapt Online Student Orientation Best Practices with our Online Orientation

Improve Enrollment and Positive Student Experiences

Leveraging Orientation Tech to Innovate Beyond Expectations

Georgia State University

At Advantage Design Group®, we make it easy to adapt online student orientation best practices with our online orientation to improve enrollment and increase positive student experiences. Georgia State University needed a new student orientation to 

  • Enhance the in-person program across six campuses to support enrollment
  • Simultaneously provide an experience that combines in-person and virtual elements  

They created a comprehensive strategy to provide onboarding support from admission to orientation and ultimately to enrollment by: 

  • Moving orientation content to a digital environment 
  • Improving accessibility
  • Better serving an increase in diverse audiences 

Powered by Advantage Orientation®, their new orientation platform enables a seamless and personalized onboarding experience for all members of the Georgia State University family. As a result, the university experienced decreased orientation melt and no-show rates.

Contrary to some enrollment trends, in just one season Georgia State began: 

  • Welcoming over 25K new students, families, and staff through online orientation 
  • Decreasing No-Show Rates by over 10% during a global pandemic 
  • Enrolling the largest freshman class in University history 

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With these resources, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Georgia State’s onboarding and engagement strategies while learing how the online orientation features increase effectiveness by: 

  • Presenting interactive, video-rich, and modular content within a Branded interface 
  • Providing unique experiences for 11 distinct groups of students, families, and staff 
  • Automatically communicating with student information systems to provide an SSO experience, serving customized content to each group, and automatically releasing registration holds 
  • Empowering staff with unlimited training to control content and make changes on demand 

Your presenters are

  • Benjamin Williams, Assistant Director, New Student Orientation 
  • Destiny Hand, Coordinator, New Student Orientation