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Discussion of High-Impact Onboarding Outcomes with Online Orientation

How Online Orientation Improves Student Belonging, Engagement, and Persistence

High-Impact Onboarding with Online Orientation

Grayson College

Since launching their online orientation as part of their total onboarding strategies, retention rates are on the rise at Grayson College. Enrollment had increased by seven percent, with significant increases coming from minority communities. Providing more new students with a digital experience to prepare for college success became a keystone of the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Evidence has shown that a student's sense of belonging improves academic outcomes, increases continuing enrollment, and is protective for mental health. The plan called for a data-driven system to not only provide a mobile-friendly platform for information delivery but to allow for content to be presented in the most engaging way possible.

The Impact of Online Orientation on Student Retention

Key indicators point to greater student success for first-time-in-college students.

  • Fall-to-Spring Retention is UP 4%
  • Fall-to-Fall Retention is UP 2.3%
  • Withdrawal rates are DOWN 2.5%

How did they do it?

Balancing both creativity and technology, Grayson’s online orientation is improving the onboarding experience for students and staff with:

  • Personalized, interactive, and video-rich content accessible on any device
  • Powerful messages that address imposter syndrome and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Integration to provide a single sign-on experience and automate completion data back to the college’s student information system
  • Analytic tools to make reporting more intuitive and transparent

Request this Recording to

  • Learn from Logan Maxwell, Director of Success Initiatives, and Nancy Luthe Director of Success Coaches.
  • Preview Grayson’s online orientation like a student.
  • Analyze the metrics.
  • Engage in the discussion and get your chat questions answered.
  • Discover an online orientation solution and onboarding model you can follow.