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Peer Learning Webinar Demonstrates Online Student Orientation

How Online Student Orientation Fosters Engagement & Connection

Online Orientation: Balancing Creativity & Technology

Rutgers University

Peer Learning Webinar Demonstrates Online Student Orientation

The ideal online student orientation, when delivered with a balance of creativity and technology, can serve a dual purpose: provide information new students need to be successful while delivering it in an engaging way. Technology enables personalization, timeliness, convenience, and interactivity while creativity empowers connections through design, animation, video and relevant messaging.

The Student Orientation and Transition team at Rutgers University New Brunswick were both pragmatic and idealistic in their approach to incorporating an online orientation into their onboarding strategies. As students gained the knowledge necessary for a successful college transition, the team wanted students to feel relieved, excited, and validated by discovering aspects of themselves in the experience.

We wanted to avoid mechanizing orientation. Then, after experiencing this platform for myself, I could feel the energy and excitement through the screen. We discovered a solution that fosters connections and complements the on-campus orientation experience.

Laura L. Randolph, Ed.D.

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  • Learn from Laura L. Randolph, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Students/Director, Rutgers University New Brunswick
  • Examine the strategies behind the development of an online orientation system that is providing personalized and video-rich experiences for first-year and transfer students and their families.
  • Experience a Tour of Rutgers New Brunswick virtual orientation.
  • Understand outcomes and gain insights from answers to chat questions.
  • Discover a versatile virtual orientation system adaptable to any admissions model, onboarding scenario, or engagement strategies. This story is a model you can follow!