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EdTech for Onboarding New Students keeps Orientation a warm and welcoming experience

The Titans of Online Orientation

California State University, Fullerton

EdTech for onboarding new students keeps orientation a warm and welcoming experience. California State University (CSU), Fullerton, is known for its size and influence. As the 12th oldest and largest campus in the CSU System, they are the Titans, which for many new students anticipating their college experience can be overwhelming.  

When Colleen McDonough, Ph.D., Director, and Isaac Cervantes, Assistant Director of Titan Orientation Programs, began the process of innovating their online orientation, their watch words were “warm, welcoming, and friendly.” They had already committed to onboarding new students safely.

If their online orientation was going to be the engaging, foundational experience before classes began, what approaches to design, messaging, and technological access would make the biggest difference? What would it feel like? After all, they wanted to serve a diverse group of students, from those coming to college as the first person in their family to those attending as the next person in their family. 

Request this webinar recording to learn from Colleen and Isaac as they discuss the strategies and objectives behind the build and the differences since launching their online orientation. You’ll preview CSU Fullerton’s online orientation like a student and gain answers to chat questions.