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Virtual Orientation Foundational to Student Engagement Strategies

More Students Choose Virtual Orientation Platform; Increased Participation

Pioneering Virtual Orientation

Colorado State University

Virtual orientation, built on the Advantage Orientation® platform, is foundational to student engagement strategies at Colorado State University. CSU is among the first 5% of Higher Ed institutions to adopt this onboarding solution, making the big switch from using their LMS to deliver orientation information as just another college course way back in 2015.

Over the years, CSU has continuously evolved onboarding and student engagement strategies while expanding and enhancing its online orientation performance. This pioneering approach has enabled CSU orientation professionals to

  • Provide the most relevant information based on student groups and interests
  • Serve parents, families, and supporters with a unique experience in both English and Spanish
  • Present a powerful institutional brand from the beginning of the student admission experience

We are able to reach more students and more effectively serve students in the ways they want to be served. For instance, 627 transfer students chose to attend orientation in person, while another 932 chose an online experience instead. We were very pleased to have such a high-quality system to allow that choice.

Request Access to the Recording to

  • Learn from Rebecca Gilmore, Coordinator, Orientation Programs at CSU
  • Tour CSU’s Orientation Platform
    • Explore unique interactive and video content by College for multiple student and family groups
  • Assess the effectiveness of an online orientation system
  • Understand how purposeful creative and technological capabilities seamlessly adapt to shifting student engagement strategies
  • Discover a versatile virtual orientation solution, adaptable to any audience and onboarding scenario