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Why Cal State San Bernardino Chose Advantage Orientation

California State University, San Bernardino

Megan Huston, Orientation Senior Program Coordinator

I would say the thing I appreciate most is in allowing us to rethink what our orientation offers and what it looks like. Our online orientation has given us a space that is user-friendly. It's easy to navigate and edit and put together in a way that allows you to truly spend that time customizing and recreating it for whatever need.

Prior to starting with Advantage, we used our LMS, we used Blackboard, our campus LMS at the time, it was clunky and not really designed in a way that was actually helpful. As we all know, Blackboard, Canvas, whatever it is, they're not designed to be an engaging, thoughtful program like what we had envisioned. They're designed to be courses, and so we really wanted to have an opportunity to create an engaging, thoughtful, and fun way to really start their introduction to CSUSB.

Advantage felt like the best fit for us in terms of understanding what we were really going for with creating this engaging online orientation and the support that we got from Advantage along the way.

We instantly knew that it was, it was gonna be our best fit in what we were trying to create.