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Why Rhodes College Chose Advantage Orientation

Rhodes College

Brittney Jackson, Director of First Year Experience and Transitions

Rhodes is a small liberal arts private institution. We have around 2,000 students enrolled. We are onboarding various student populations. For instance, our student athletes, our international students, our transfer students, and each of those respective areas have different onboarding processes.

So, when I learned of Advantage, I thought this would be a great way to streamline our orientation process as well as take care of some of the nuts-and-bolts information that our students need to ensure that they're not getting redundant information and can go to one place. That's what students want and need, especially in our digital age.

I'm looking forward to a smoother student experience, but I'm also really excited for us to tailor our material and content to make it more specific. The process has been extremely smooth. It has been seamless. Everyone is excited for it.

We experienced demos with other companies, but it was kind of no comparison to what Advantage has to offer. They really stood out from the rest.