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Why Sinclair Community College Chose Advantage Orientation

Sinclair Community College

Charity Lomax, Program Director of Enrollment Operations

We know for our students, education isn't the only challenge. Just getting through their coursework isn't the only thing that they'll face in the couple of years that they're with us. Our students also have life. They have a lot of life.

We have students that have childcare needs. We have students with homelessness and food insecurities. The Advantage product is going to present all these resources to our students in a way that they can go back and reference when they need them.

We want students after they apply to the college to know what their next steps are without necessarily having to come directly to us and us walk them through the steps. We want students to have a format that they can go through at their own pace and where they can get the information they need to successfully register.

The most exciting thing is that I've seen examples of products that have been produced for other schools. I've seen the work that Advantage has done for other colleges and it's really impressive. It looks very professional, and it looks TV or movie quality, and I want something like that.

I feel like our students, as they watch it, will take, take it more seriously.

It's an outstanding group to work with. I got a weekly list of what the expectations were, what that group was working on, what they wanted me to work on, and it began to just flow very easily and very clearly.

Folks wanting to take advantage of Advantage, do it.