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Why the University of Arizona Chose Advantage Orientation

University of Arizona

Logan Adams, Director of Orientation and New Student Services

The University of Arizona is a large, public flagship university. Total student enrollment is about 50,000. We really have tried to get creative, been thinking about how we deliver our content to students, how we're meeting their needs, and providing them the resources that we always have, but just in a different and exciting way.

Students really have no idea what to expect whenever they're coming to college. And so by being able to put these videos together, that's giving them a little inside look as to what their experience as a Wildcat is going to be.

The most exciting thing about being able to show the campus and show everything in video is that you can kind of make them feel like they're here. You can really give them a piece of campus. You can show them what they are going to see. You can show them some of the real students that they are going to interact with; faculty, staff, resources, the places around campus where they'll be in real life.

I think students interact and engage with it so well, and we're excited for what it means for our institution and for our students that are coming through orientation.