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Why the University of North Georgia Chose Advantage Orientation

University of North Georgia

Darcy M. Hayes, Ed.D. and Rachael Williams, Associate Dean of Students, Assoc. Dean of Students and NEST Director and NEST Assistant Director

We started using the ADG online orientation in 2016. Prior to that, we tried offering an orientation course through our course management system to engage with students and families earlier in the onboarding process, but there were access issues and some data storage issues. It ended up requiring a lot more time than anticipated and was overall just clunky. We were not able to fit all this information we'd like to in our in-person schedule.

The online orientation really allows us to tailor our information to the modality, the student population, and our onboarding timelines. We really needed a solution for spreading out the information to be on time and as needed during the different stages of the onboarding process and the ADG modules helped us to meet that need.

This platform is extremely user-friendly and it allows us to easily update content ourselves in between semesters. We can even edit the platform while it's live, which is great for any changes that happen at UNG during the onboarding cycle.

The Advantage Design Group platform also continuously adds new features and updates that help us to provide a more interactive experience than we were able to provide with LMS, much better than anything we could have produced on our own.