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Advantage Design Group
Advantage Design Group
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Community Colleges choose Advantage Orientation Online Student Orientation Software

Insights into the Advantage Orientation® Experience

Community Colleges, Orientation, Transition, Retention & Enrollment Leaders

Community Colleges choose Advantage Orientation® online student orientation software because…

“The product we received really aligned with our goals… it is a high-quality experience, accessible, our Brand, interactivity for an asynchronous orientation experience. We wanted it to really come to life…”

“Advantage Design Group® had everything packaged together for us and made the transition seamless.”

“Before Advantage Orientation®, we had an orientation we were not super satisfied with. It took over an hour and a half to complete. Videos and information were outdated, and we did not have editing access. We had a lot of student complaints.

Today, all students have access. It's ADA compliant. Students can complete it from their phone, at home, virtually, wherever they are. Content is presented in English and Spanish and videos are closed captioned in Spanish.

Since we launched, we have had zero, literally zero complaints. It has really been a lifesaver.”

“Advantage Design provided all the different types of video production and content writing. It was the only company that could really meet our needs from A to Z.”

“So far, the number of students completing orientation in the first six months is more than double than the entire previous year. Our survey response has also been very positive. The analytics and reports are very helpful.”

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