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Serve Veterans Transitioning to College with this Virtual Orientation Experience

Provide veterans transitioning to your college with a comprehensive, virtual orientation experience developed in partnership with Veteran Certifying Officials. 

Quickly deployable and cost-effective, Advantage Orientation® for Veterans includes the features, functionality, and content you need to reach veterans applying to your school at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Advantage Orientation® for Veterans

This virtual orientation platform comes populated with content relevant to any

  • Veteran
  • Reservist
  • Guardsman
  • Spouse
  • Dependent

Content addresses important processes, such as

  • Admission
  • Class Registration
  • Financial Aid, including VA Certification
  • Applying for Graduation
  • Career Planning
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Discover just some of the benefits you can expect from Advantage Orientation® for Veterans

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Fast Delivery

Your project is created, completed, and published all in a matter of weeks. Your platform arrives loaded with screen copy, photos and videos captioned in English and Spanish. Content is ready for you to edit as you see fit.

Present an On-Brand Experience

Your Advantage Orientation® for Veterans is branded with your school’s logo, colors, and fonts. Simply supply your project manager with your school’s branding guide and your ADG production team will take care of the rest!

Access on Any Device, No App Required

With Advantage Orientation® for Veterans, there is no software to download or third-party app to manage. Our browser-based solution is responsively designed, providing access on any device.

Easily Update Your Content

Content is easily updated, on-demand, in a matter of minutes through a management system that we will personally teach you how to use. Make changes wherever you want, with no IT or instructional design experience required.

Receive Unlimited Training & Support

Your Advantage Orientation® for Veterans includes ongoing training and support. If you ever need help, have questions about your system, or need to train new staff, reach out to your Client Success team any time. Support includes training session recordings, FAQs, and complete system documentation.

Make Room for Growth

Change is inevitable! So, when you want to add content or adapt to new processes, you can. Each system is built on a modular framework and is hosted independently. This means you can easily add new sections or connect with your institution's information systems to automate communication between technologies. You can update, expand, and upgrade your online orientation at any time to adapt to any organizational changes.


Advantage Orientation® for Veterans includes exclusive features that enhance the student experience and makes your job easier.

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Dynamic Style Options

The Advantage Orientation® for Veterans offers multiple dynamic style options to choose from. Style options include image galleries, multiple videos, video size options, and interactive design elements available for content editors (even those with no prior IT experience) to easily implement. By using our vast variety of slide layout options for content, you can customize each of your orientation slides to fit your students' needs. You can add your very own images of your students, add content as you go, and more! The template you select will be customized with your school colors, logo, and full-color images by your very own designated design team.

Discovery Tools

Discovery Tools include Intelligent Search, Popularity-Based FAQs, Glossary Terms, a design-elevated Achievement Center, and announcements. Students gain greater access to what interests them and you gain greater insights over time to makes the total experience even better.

Real-Time Analytics

Built-in analytic tools allow you to track and report progress in real time. From individual to aggregate views, produce reports with meaningful data such as completion, quiz scores, survey responses, and more. Visualize results with graphic options and export data on demand.

Items of Interest

With Items of Interest, students can select which topics they’d like to learn more about. Here's the kicker: instead of being distracted by hyperlinks, each topic they choose is saved for more exploration at the end of the experience. It's a better way to support greater engagement and completion.

Interactive Content

Your orientation features interactive content that allows each student to engage with what they’re learning. From video quizzes to text quizzes, games, items of interest and more. Each interaction leaves a digital footprint reflected in the system's reporting tools.

Gamified Learning

Engaging in the elements of gaming, or gamification, can be real game changers for you and your audience. It's a fun and intriguing way to communicate information while promoting active involvement in learning. Word search and matching game templates are included for you to customize.


Using our vast variety of slide layout options for content, you can customize each of your orientation slides to fit your students' needs. You can add your very own images of your students, add content to fit your students’ needs as you go, and more!

Navigation Delay Timers

Give students the opportunity to linger and absorb content on each slide. Navigation delay timers prevents progress to the next slide for a set of time you select. Timers can be applied to any slide type.

ADA Compliant

Orientation software adheres to ADA Compliance Standards using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA. This means that your orientation platform is responsive and accessible to those with disabilities. Videos are closed-captioned so those with hearing impairments can complete your orientation with ease.

Secure Data Hosting

You can rest assured that all data is securely hosted. Your technical data will be protected by firewalls, vulnerability scanning, patch management, logging and monitoring.

Onboarding Veterans Success

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