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Provide the Best Employee Onboarding Experiences with Advantage HR EngageTM

With Advantage HR EngageTM at the center of your recruiting and onboarding strategies, you can “wow” your top candidates and orient new hires like never before. This powerful platform provides a guided and personalized virtual experience through interactive and video-rich content, from application to orientation, all in one system you control.

  • Showcase your brand on any device
  • Attract and impress more qualified candidates
  • Accelerate orientation completion
  • Transform the hiring experience

The Solution for Today's Distributed Workforce

Built on the proven framework of Advantage Orientation®, Advantage HR EngageTM is designed to engage top candidates and new hires worldwide! You are empowered and in control with intuitive content and real-time reporting tools. You’re free to operate independently, with no IT skills required. Each platform includes unlimited training and support.

You need a Competitive Advantage in an Employee-Driven Marketplace

Let us show you how you can demonstrate your value and communicate your culture experientially! Streamline speed to competency and the pathway to productivity with Advantage HR EngageTM at the core of your human resource management tools.

Explore the Benefits and Features of Advantage HR EngageTM then request a live tour!

Benefits for Human Resource Practitioners

Advantage HR EngageTM offers benefits you'll find no place else. Click to learn more about each benefit below!

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Worry-Free Compliance

Shifting core information to Advantage HR EngageTM will standardize your message and enable you to easily verify the information has been delivered in real time.

Satisfaction & Retention

This virtual recruitment and orientation experience sets the stage for employee satisfaction and cultural fit. You can get started for less than the cost to replace a single employee, making Advantage HR EngageTM an invaluable marketing, communication, and training tool leading to greater retention.

Showcase your Brand

Collaborate with our UX designers and content creators to amplify your brand and work culture throughout the experience. We lean on your direct input and branding guidelines to customize a look that's completely your own.

Accessible & Convenient

Advantage HR EngageTM is completely responsive and cloud-based, which means it is accessible anytime, on any device, making engagement easy and convenient. Software meets ADA Compliance Standards using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1 Level AA.


Video captures attention and presents storytelling like no other medium. The combination of sound and movement can feel immersive and evoke an emotional response. In the context of this digital experience, it is the strategic placement, messaging, and artful approach to video production that makes the difference. Concepts include sizzle reels, topical features, interactive video quizzes, and many more.

Real-Time Analytics

You can track engagement in real time and easily analyze data from individual to aggregate views. From number of users, to most popular content, to completion, data is continuous and transparent. Would you like your system to connect with your CRM, ATS, or HRIS? Ask about integration options!


It is essential to be able to adapt to change! Built on a modular framework and supported by unlimited support, you are empowered to make updates on demand and expand your platform's content on demand, with no special IT skills required.

Secure in the Cloud

With Advantage HR EngageTM, there is no software to download or additional apps to manage. Site security meets Risk and Authorization Management Program (RAMP) standards. Your data is protected by firewalls, vulnerability scanning, patch management, logging and monitoring. 

Professional Production Services

Production is included! Lean on our team of expert content creators, video producers, designers, and programmers to provide as much production support as you need that fits your timeline and your budget.

Unlimited Live Training & Support

If you ever need help, have questions about your system, or need to train new staff, reach out to your Client Success team at any time. Your system includes training session recordings, FAQs, and complete system documentation.

Features that Focus on the Experience

With Advantage Design Group-exclusive features, your platform supports a more human experience while making your job easier.

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Now you can appeal to each applicant with content personalized just for them. Personalization extends to orientation to present content based on any data models, like location or job types. You can appeal to any number of micro-audiences, by name, at scale.


Advantage HR features interactive content that invites engagement. From video quizzes to text quizzes, games, items of interest and more, your audience will have fun along the way closer to enrollment.


While the broad scope of game theory provides a means of analyzing how players make decisions, the elements of gaming, or gamification, can be real game changers for you and your audience. After all, the last thing you want is for an applicant or new hire t to slip into the passive role of an NPC (non-player character). Gamification promotes active involvement and that feeling of satisfaction achieved by earning rewards.

Dynamic Style Options

Dynamic style options allow content to be experienced multiple ways. Style options include image galleries, multiple videos, video size options, and interactive design elements. This feature supports future updates and allows content editors (even those with no prior IT experience) to easily implement.

Discovery Tools

With Advantage Design Group’s Intelligent Search Tools, Popularity-Based FAQs, Glossary Terms, and design-elevated Achievement Center, your audience will have a quick, all-in-one place spot where they can learn more information about whatever they’re interested in.

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