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Strategic Enrollment Management includes Online Orientation Solution

How Colleges & Universities Measure Return on Investment in Advantage Orientation®

Strategic Enrollment Management includes Online Orientation Solution

Strategic enrollment management includes one online orientation solution, enabling colleges and universities to measure return on investment in Advantage Orientation® many ways. The strategy is to leverage an online orientation solution to improve the virtual onboarding experiences for students, families, and staff. This strategy manifests itself differently, depending on the institution’s needs and goals.

Orientation, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management professionals using Advantage Orientation® as their online orientation solution seek to improve enrollment by providing a virtual onboarding and orientation program. Everyone wants to provide the best start for every student,  build their confidence through engagement, and make a persuasive impression by presenting the institutional brand at its very best. They also want to achieve institutional objectives, such as:

  • Reduce melt rates by reinforcing enrollment decisions
  • Gain efficiencies by simplifying the enrollment process
  • Stabilize expenses associated with onboarding
  • Eliminate barriers to orientation information
  • Prepare the institution to respond to any onboarding scenario

Return on Investment through Radical Onboarding Improvement

Institutions that implement Advantage Orientation® are achieving results that can be measured in two kinds of ROI: Return on Investment through Radical Onboarding Improvement.

For each of these examples, you will find supporting information through a case study or presentation recording. It is important to remember that, in each of these instances, the institution is empowered with the flexibility to use Advantage Orientation® as a replacement for in-person events or to position the platform within the enrollment process as a pre-orientation experience to prepare students to attend an orientation or welcome event on campus.

Advantage Orientation® Impact at 4-Year Institutions

  • Florida International University experienced a three percent overall increase in matriculation among its freshmen population.
  • Howard University reduced the student melt rate its first summer of implementation by 50%.
  • Wanting to reduce their in-person orientation sessions to a single day, Louisiana State University replaced growing expenses to produce multi-day events into a fixed cost.
  • When IUPUI and American University decided to move on-campus orientation events online, their Advantage Orientation® served as the textbook. They were able to transform their hybrid online orientation programs to total virtual environments in a matter of weeks.
  • Georgia State University created a comprehensive strategy to provide onboarding support for the student journey from admission to orientation to enrollment. Contrary to some enrollment trends, in one season Georgia State
    • Welcomed over 25K new students, families, and staff through online orientation
    • Decreased No-Show Rates by over 10% during a global pandemic
    • Enrolled the largest freshman class in university history
  • The University of Washington increased registrations by 19% in one year.

Advantage Orientation® Impact at 2-Year Institutions

  • Bergen Community College increased accessibility by providing 138% more students access to essential orientation information.
  • After switching from another third-party provider, more than twice as many students at Cerro Coso Community College completed online orientation in six months than the entire year before.
  • After moving orientation exclusively online, Eastern Florida State College experienced a 34% increase in registration in just one year.
  • Previously, over 40% of a handful of students Mount Wachusett Community College left on-campus orientation without registering. Since launch, over 4K new students completed orientation at a rate of over 87% and an estimated 90% registered for classes. 

Take the Next Step toward Online Orientation Success

These real-life experiences represent how the success of Advantage Orientation® is measured by higher education institutions across the country. Regardless of your school type, admissions model, or diversity of student population, you can realize a tangible return on investment, too. Request a live tour to discover how Advantage Orientation® can help you meet your strategic enrollment management goals.