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Advantage Design Group

Fast & Easy Orientation Video Content

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Video is proving to be the most effective way to capture attention and engage. Sound and movement combine to make messages more exciting and stickier.

Imagine having continuous access to a growing portfolio of high-quality orientation video content!

Advantage OnDemand™ is a re-imagined subscription service to a growing portfolio of video content. Enhance your onboarding program content that addresses today's most relevant information, provides timeless advice, and explains complicated topics. When you subscribe, you have access to the entire collection, ready to add to your orientation or website in an instant!

Orientation Videos address topics like

  • Health & Safety
  • Financial Aid
  • Advising
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Tips for Scheduling
  • Family
  • ... and more!

To get started, ask your representative to show you Advantage OnDemand.