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Advantage Design Group
Advantage Design Group
800.657.1338 | 904.722.8200
6877 Phillips Industrial Blvd | Jacksonville, FL 32256
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Welcome to Advantage Design Group

Where we believe in more than just filling positions – we're dedicated to building careers that thrive on our core values: client focus, optimization, relationships, and excellence. Our mission? Bridging essential life transitions through effective digital experiences.

Specializing in online recruitment and orientation solutions that seamlessly replace or supplement in-person experiences, we're at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals connect with their next career steps.

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Video Visionary

Traveling Videographer

Video Production

Video Editor

Web Wizard

Web Designer

Web Developer

Production Assistant

Creative Powerhouse



Art Direction

Sales Force

National Account Executive

Administrative Ace

Admin Assistant


Human Resources

Support Superstar

Support Specialist

Account Manager

Smooth Operator

Project Manager

Join Our Team!

Whether you're a visionary videographer capturing compelling narratives, a web wizard shaping digital landscapes, a creative powerhouse crafting captivating content, a dynamic sales force driving growth, an administrative ace ensuring smooth operations, or a support superstar guiding client success, Advantage Design Group offers opportunities to excel and innovate.

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