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Online Orientation System Empowers Students to College Enrollment

Becoming "Runner Ready" with Advantage Orientation

University of Texas at San Antonio

Online orientation system empowers students to college enrollment at the University of Texas at San Antonio and is key to implementing successful onboarding experiences. 

The look of this online orientation is something that I'm proud to show off. We can do things now that we weren't easily able to do before, like add videos and quiz questions. 

Empowered with the information they need to self-serve, most online orientation students ask fewer questions, so the orientation experience works as it should. Programmed with integration capabilities, the system also auto-updates registration holds so student don't have to wait. After three semesters of running with this orientation system, UTSA is achieving measurable student orientation outcomes. 


Learn from Ashley Spain-Martinez, Senior Program Coordinator for UTSA Orientation & Family Programs, and experience how UTSA students become Runner Ready. She discusses how this online orientation system is enabling UTSA to reach new tangible goals.