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Activate Student Persistence Virtual Onboarding Student Experience

Empowered Onboarding Experiences

Sampson Community College

Learn how Sampson Community College (SCC) is activating student persistence and modernizing the student experience with an integrated virtual onboarding platform.

Fewer and fewer students were able to attend in-person orientation events due to work or family obligations. To overcome this physical barrier and create more access, staff created an orientation course using a popular learning management system. Manually enrolling students into the course proved to be too time-consuming and student success staff at SCC recognized the need for a virtual onboarding solution that could do more.

Today, the virtual onboarding experience powered by Advantage Orientation® is empowering more students to persist through orientation completion and, eventually through the enrollment process. Students engage with interactive and video-rich content that inspires and informs, personalized just for them. Staff is empowered to serve more students at scale with an integrated system that automates processes, making time for more student engagement.

Integration was a huge part, as it allowed orientation holds in Colleague® to be automatically released once the student completed the orientation. In our old orientation process, this was another manual task. 

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  • Meet Amelia Elmore, Director of Enrollment and Student Success at SCC
  • Discuss institutional goals, development, implementation, and outcomes
  • Tour SCC's online orientation just like a student
  • Engage and get your chat questions answered
  • Discover a versatile virtual orientation platform easily adaptable to your school and your student information systems