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Meaningful Connections Begin with Online Orientation

Brigham Young University

Needing to shift student orientation from an information dump at a large-scale event, the New Student Orientation team at Brigham Young University wanted to give students an onboarding experience and provide relevant information at a more relevant time. Spurred by the demands of the pandemic and reinforced by service provider recommendations from their peers, they shifted their strategy and, with our solution, quickly deployed a working online orientation.

Today, BYU’s online orientation is an interactive and video-rich experience, carefully positioned within the student onboarding journey as a powerful preparation platform. Students learn what they need to know, when they need to know it and arrive asking better questions, ready to make more meaningful connections.

Request this webinar recording to learn from Daidre Hulick, New Student Orientation Administrator, and Jessica Welch, Assistant New Student Orientation Administrator at BYU. They discuss the research and criteria they used to choose Advantage Orientation® as well as the decisions and strategies behind the incremental development of their orientation platform. You’ll tour BYU’s online orientation just like a student and discover insights from chat questions answered.