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Prepared to Pivot with Online Orientation

Florida State University

When Florida State University launched its pre-orientation platform the year before, the system's interactive feel and media-rich content earned a 90% confidence rating from over 7800 students who completed it. So, when it was time to shift and make changes to adapt to the "new normal," the campus community was ready. The platform was adapted to provide a pre-orientation AND a virtual orientation ALL FROM THE SAME system.

Request this webinar recording to learn from Alison Leach Hughes, Associate Dean of Students. With fresh video production and custom programming, our team was able to support her vision to give her platform a dual purpose while allowing her the greatest flexibility to produce onboarding experiences in any format. She discusses the goals and strategies behind the development of FSU's online orientation platform and the differences since launch. Hear the story behind the build, see a demonstration of the student experience, evaluate the outcomes, and get your questions answered.