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How Rutgers University Improves Student Orientation Effectiveness

Rutgers University

Laura L. Randolph, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Orientation and Transition

I think the most eye-opening is the really hardcore attention to detail by the company. Attention to every single detail, every photo, every line, every edit to keep everything on track. So that's been very, very eye-opening.

We have about 50,000 students on campus and each year we take in roughly about 10,000 new students. Really the goal was to reach a larger audience of transfer students. Many were not able to come to campus for a one-day experience. Previously we were seeing about 50% of our incoming transfer population at an in-person orientation. And so we were looking for something that could reach more of our transfer population and we went through the LMS route, but we realized that the time and resources required just was not doable.

ADG provided an opportunity for us to really provide a more holistic orientation. This is really a perfect opportunity for them to watch something in the comfort of their home. That's gonna be exciting 'cause I think we'll get a higher return of students actually participating in getting all the critical information to succeed.