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Why Universities Choose Advantage Orientation

Insights into the Virtual Onboarding Experience

Universities, Orientation, Transition, Retention & Enrollment Leaders

Universities choose Advantage Orientation® online student orientation software because…

“It is modular. We're able to keep growing and expanding the platform. And, of course, that it is ADA Compliant is really important. We feel like we have moved into the 21st Century. We feel like we have a major return on investment.”

“Looking across the board, I think Advantage had it all... and presented an all-inclusive platform. From the engaging piece, students can do quizzes, watch videos... And the Branding piece, having our schools colors and fonts really made it a shiny product... this is the vendor that we definitely should invest in.”

“We used ADG's in-studio filming with professional talent. When in Higher Ed do you get to choose on-screen talent for a project. It was so cool. All we had to do was provide the wardrobe... and everything else was taken care of for us."

"This is shaping the way orientation will look. It's friendly, engaging, helpful. We had a huge number of completions. For us, that's a huge win!"

“We did a pilot program using an LMS to deliver some of our orientation information for our business students. It couldn't dynamically serve information to students based on their admission type. We needed an enterprise solution.

...we have 12, what's called "member groups" that students can fit into to receive completely customized information. (The LMS) couldn't do any of that."

“We were under the microscope because we were doing this really ambitious project. Thankfully, the platform itself, the engaging content and videos we put together, and the sleek look of this program that matches our branding really made all the stress go out the window. 

Was this worth the time, effort, and money that we put into it? The answer to that question is undoubtedly, 100% YES!"

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