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For Virtual Onboarding and comprehensive Onboarding Resources, Education Professionals choose Advantage Orientation®

Keep Calm & Orient On... Online with Advantage Orientation®

University of Arkansas

For virtual onboarding and comprehensive onboarding resources, education professionals choose Advantage Orientation®. Reacting to the sudden realities of social distancing, many student orientation professionals in Higher Education rushed to provide online orientation alternatives via any means possible, as quickly as possible. They were looking for crucial benefits...often sacrificed to the limitations of a website or learning management system such as: 

  • Responsive Design 
  • Content Personalization 
  • Interactivity 
  • Video 
  • Real-time Analytics  

Amber Roth, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at the University of Arkansas, chose a more intentional path. She confidently led the rapid deployment of a working orientation that met both short-term needs and long-term vision. She and her team chose Advantage Orientation because it included the services, features, and functionality she needed to provide new students with a virtual onboarding resource while she refined and expanded content within one seamless production process. 

Request this complimentary webinar recording to learn from this 20-year admissions and orientation professional

Amber, a 20-year admissions and orientation professional, discusses the underlying strategies and decisions behind the development of the University's online orientation as well as outcomes achieved. You'll also preview the platform during a demonstration and get answers to chat questions.