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Successfully Guiding Students In Transition begins with Online Orientation

Studients in Transition Conference 2019: Online Orientation on UT Time

2019 SIT Conference

University of Tampa

This 2019 Students in Transition Conference session shows how successfully guiding students on their way to college begins with online orientation.

This education expert faced three times the number of students transitioning since the early 2000s. Old orientation programs dumped information on students in a short amount of time, not giving them adequate time to process the details. Orientation attendance was low and emotional turmoil from the change was high. It was time to deliver student-centered orientation in a student time zone.

Today, orientation is the University of Tampa’s first Student Affairs hybrid program.  

Request the recording of this three-part session featuring an open discussion and platform demonstration with Shannon Calega, M.ED., Director of Orientation and Family Engagement at the University of Tampa.