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NODA Regional Conference features Best Onboarding Experiences

2021 Region 6 Educational Session

What a Feeling! Building Confidence with Online Orientation

Florida Gulf Coast University

During this NODA Regional Conference, online orientation was shown to provide the best onboarding experiences for students and their families.  

 Recognizing the fatigue students experience after attending a two-day orientation event, it was time to focus on the total onboarding experience. Tabitha Dawes, Director of Eagle View Orientation and Family Programs at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), asked a fundamental question:  

If students leave orientation with 10% of what you said and 100% of how you made them feel, how could students come to campus more prepared with better questions?  


Today, FGCU's online orientation presents students with a balance of facts and feeling by leveraging tech capabilities with creative, visual content to attract, engage, and inform. This presentation includes

  • Discussion of decisions made to launch an onboarding experience built on Advantage Orientation®
  • A guided tour
  • Answers to chat questions