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Student Transition Director compares Advantage Orientation® to Learning Management System

Clemson University presents Virtual Orientation Success Story at 2022 FYE Conference

Living up to Your Legend Through Online Orientation

Clemson University

Discover how Clemson University is leveraging this virtual onboarding system to improve the first year experience and beyond.

Why Virtual Onboarding 

Your institution has a global brand. Your students identify as part of the college family. You recognize new undergraduate and graduate students are motivated differently and need orientation information specific to them. How do you personalize the virtual onboarding experience, create efficiencies to serve larger, more diverse audiences, and live up to everyone’s expectations?

Why Advantage Orientation® Over an LMS

"We saw the writing on the wall it was clear that some sort of virtual (orientation) component was here to stay," said Glenn Spurlin, Director of Student Transitions at Clemson University. "We used Canvas for a year and decided to outsource to (Advantage Design Group) because

  1. Canvas works very well for certain things, for course content delivery, for example. But, it’s not aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Giving students access to their specific modules was very tedious. We created 16 different courses and enrolled students in each one based on certain attributes. And, so as you can imagine, it got pretty hectic.
  3. Reporting was pretty limited as well. It was hard to get data out of the system in a way that we could actually use it."

Request this session recording that includes: 

  • Discussion: Goals, development, implementation, outcomes
  • Tour: Preview Clemson's Virtual Orientation
  • Answers: Engage in a lively Q&A session
  • Discover an online orientation system easily adaptable to your school