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Matriculation for Students in Transition begins with Onboarding Technology

Online Pre-Orientation: The Foundation for Any Student Onboarding Scenario

The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Matriculation for students in transition begins with onboarding technology built on Advantage Orientation®.

Online orientation can be more than an assortment of tools. Instead of web pages, video conferencing, phone apps, and email, a comprehensive orientation platform now anchors the more effective virtual onboarding experience at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Because of this online pre-orientation, students

  • Gain confidence  
  • Discover a sense of belonging  
  • Explore modular, media-rich and interactive content any time, on any device 
  • Engage in clear, consistent, cohesive, and on-brand messaging 


Lindsay Hansen, Director, New Student Orientation, and Adam White, Associate Director, New Student Orientation, offer

  • Goals and strategies behind the development of their pre-orientation platform  
  • Differences since launch
  • Online Orientation Platform Tour 
  • Insights into how onboarding strategies are designed to impact matriculation and yield