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Learn how to Build Student Confidence with Online Orientation System

as presented for Canadian Association of College and University Student Services

2020 CACUSS Conference

Athabasca University

Members of Canada’s Association of College and University Student Services learn how to build student confidence with an online orientation system during CACUSS 2020 Conference. The educational session demonstrates how Advantage Orientation® exceeds expectations and support successful student transitions. 

 Athabasca University (AU) is Canada’s Online University and welcomes over 6,000 new student registrations each month. Online orientation was a series of text heavy web pages students could openly access. Unfortunately, while staff could monitor how many students visited the orientation landing page, there was no way to know how students progressed through the information or if they completed it. 

Today, AU’s online orientation: 

  • Guides students through modular and progressive information designed to reinforce their enrollment decision 
  • Prepares them to register 
  • Points them to essential support services 
  • Is monitored by Staff, who can measure the student onboarding experience through a branded, interactive, and personalized program accessible any time on any device 


This recording features a discussion and tour with two AU Learner Support and Advising professionals who led the development and implementation of Advantage Orientation® at AU.