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Orientation Software to improve the Virtual Orientation Experience

The University of Portland presents Virtual Orientation Success Story at 2022 ASACCU Conference

Preparing Hearts & Minds with an Online Pre-Arrival Orientation Experience

University of Portland

Creating a virtual orientation experience with Advantage Orientation allows the University of Portland to prepare students and their families before they arrive on campus. 

Finding the right methods to reach and connect with new students and welcome them into your campus culture can be a challenge for Catholic colleges and universities. Student affairs professionals want to grow their capacity to serve every student in their transition to college life, yet do not want to lose the ability to provide students with the personal attention they need to be successful. 

This session highlights how virtual orientation is welcoming, informing, and engaging students and their families before they come to campus. Students and family members arrive on campus more knowledgeable and prepared, ready to embrace the culture and mission of a Catholic Higher Education.

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This session includes an overview of how the University of Portland partnered with Advantage Design Group® to build a custom orientation, a tour of the platform, and a set of data-driven outcomes achieved since launch. 

About this Conference

Advantage Design Group® is proud to support the 2022 conference of ASACCU, Association of Student Affairs for Catholic Colleges and Universities on the beautiful campus of the University of Portland in the Pacific Northwest.

Student affairs professionals will have the opportunity to learn how Advantage Orientation® is integrated into the total UP new student orientation program. Meeting one of the conference’s purposes to share tools, resources, best practices, and challenges, with relevance for student affairs professionals at all levels and career stages.