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Virtual Orientation helps College Students develop a Sense of Belonging

Towson University demonstrates Virtual Orientation Experience during the 2022 NODA Conference

Discovering Opportunity, Momentum & Mentorship in Virtual Orientation

Towson University

Virtual orientation is helping students at Towson University develop a sense of belonging. Ready to implement a virtual orientation in early April 2020, this director of new student and family programs leaned on the institution’s Brand principles to develop a curated digital experience for first-year students and their families. Since launch, virtual orientation data reveals how students are recognizing educational opportunities, building momentum through engagement, and finding a sense of belonging through connection.  

We are about reaching students where they are and making sure students understand the experience they will have at Towson. We are very conversational in our approach by simply talking to students directly.  We want to be approachable, so it was important to inject some personality into virtual orientation.

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  • Learn from Katie Murray, Ed.D., Director of New Student and Family Programs at Towson University and NODA President-Elect
  • Preview Towson’s Virtual Orientation
  • Examine Measurable Outcomes
  • Anticipate challenges to implementing or improving virtual orientation at your institution
  • Present a virtual orientation improvement rationale to campus decision-makers