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2015 FYE Conference

AIMS Community College, Palm Beach State College & Utah Valley University

2015 FYE Conference

Select the question to watch the answer from this education session recorded at the 2015 FYE Conference. First-Year Experience leaders discuss the decisions, strategies and impact since launching their online orientation. Featuring Rachel Veretto, Theresa Cusimano and Martha Wilson.

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Would you tell us a little bit about your institution?

What made your school interested in getting an online orientation?

Once you decided you wanted an online orientation, how did you decide whether to do this in-house or get an outside company?

Once you decided to go with an outside company, how did you decide what company to hire?

What were your goals/objectives for implementing an online orientation?

How did the process of creating the online orientation work?

Now that you have an online orientation, where does it fall in the enrollment process?

How has your in-person orientation changed now that you have students going through an online orientation?

What have been your student survey and usage statistics and how does it compare to attendance before the online orientation?

What have been the benefits of implementing online orientation and how has it been received by students, faculty, and staff?

Do you have any final advice for your peers who may be considering an online orientation?