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Canadian Student Affairs and Services discover Online Orientation with Accessibility Technology improves College Experience

Onboarding System Integrates Campus Partners, Technology, and Experiences

2019 CACUSS Conference

San Jose State University

Learn how Online orientation that includes accessibility technology improves the college experience. At CACUSS 2019, Greg Wolcott explains how San Jose State University transformed their restricted, on-campus orientation to an integrated onboarding system of campus partners, technology, and experiences.

In this session recording, you'll learn about: 

  • The decisions and strategies behind the development  
  • Why San Jose State hired the experts to build their platform
  • Answers to real-life questions
  • Discover a validated model you can use to improve student success at your institution 

Learn the answers to each of these questions, then request a live tour to get all your questions about Advantage Orientation® answered.

#1 Why did you decide to get an online orientation and what were you hoping it would help you accomplish?

#2 How were you offering new student orientation prior to launching your online program?

#3 Why did you decide to outsource production rather than producing your online orientation yourself?

#4 Once you decided to outsource production, how did you decide who to hire?

#5 What was it like working with Advantage Design Group?

#6 How did you select your on-camera talent?

#7 How is your online orientation benefiting San Jose State?

#8 How do students and families access your online orientation and why is it better?

#9 When things change, how easy is it to make updates and how did you learn how?

#10 Tell us more about the track you just added for Parents & Families.

#11 What advice do you have for those who want to win over campus leaders to invest in an online orientation?