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Online Pre-Orientation: The Foundation for Any Student Onboarding Scenario

The University of Tennessee Knoxville

as presented at the 2020 National Conference on Students in Transition

Online orientation is more than an assortment of tools. Instead of web pages, video conferencing, phone apps, and email, a comprehensive orientation platform now anchors the newly crafted virtual onboarding experience at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Today, students gain confidence and discover a sense of belonging as they explore modular, media-rich and interactive content any time, on any device. Messages are clear, consistent, cohesive, and on brand. Student participation is measured in real time.

Watch this recording to understand the development, implementation, and outcomes of an online pre-orientation adaptable to any onboarding scenario. You’ll hear from Lindsay Hansen, Director, and Adam White, Associate Director, New Student Orientation. They discuss the goals and strategies behind the development of UT's pre-orientation platform and the differences since launch. This session includes a tour of the platform and a preview into how Lindsay and Adam plan to leverage the platform's modularity to impact matriculation and yield.