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Advantage Design Group

2021 NODA Region 6 Conference Session

a discussion with Florida Gulf Coast University

What a Feeling! Building Confidence with Online Orientation

presented in cooperation with NODA, Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education

Recognizing the fatigue students experienced after attending a two-day orientation event, it was time to focus on the total onboarding experience. Tabitha Dawes, Director, Eagle View Orientation and Family Programs asked a foundational question: if students leave orientation with 10% of what you said and 100% of how you made them feel, how could students come to campus more prepared with better questions? 

Today, FGCU's online orientation presents students with a balance of facts and feeling by leveraging tech capabilities with creative, visual content to attract, engage, and inform. Request access to this recording for a discussion of decisions made to launch an onboarding experience built on Advantage Orientation®, a guided tour, and answers to chat questions.